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Depending on their type of ship, It usually at the end of theirtrade life after 25 to 30 years, Each year, 200,600 ships with more than 20million deadweight tons are sent to the world to disassemble (data changes arebased on market demand for ships), The amendments to marpol 73/78 AnnexI alsoaccelerated the elimination of single-hull tankers,This has greatly affected the ship breaking industry, The periodof the 13th five-year plan is an important period for the further developmentof the shipbuilding industry. Ship recycling industry according to the nationalgeneral requirements for the construction of ecological civilization, shouldactively respond to the global economy and domestic economic situation, the newchanges and new characteristics, grasp the opportunity to market and thedevelopment of science and technology innovation industry in the challenge,enhance strength, in the "innovation, coordination, green, open,sharing" development, realize the healthy and sustainable development

Conference Highlight

Global Market Analysis 全球市场分析

Safety andenvironmentally recycling and breaking in ship yard安全和无公害的对船进行回收和拆解

Developments of the Hongkong Convention香港公约的最新发展与近况

The latest progress ofprohibiting import the foreign waste, Progress on the implementation of thereform of the import management system for solid waste


Status, challenges andsuggestions of waste ship recycling in China我国废船舶回收处理行业现状、问题及对策建议

Basic requirements ofbuilding a ecological civilization in the 19th National Congress of theCommunist Party of China, discussion on the general concern and existing problems

十九大关于建设生态文明的基本要求, 我国拆船行业中普遍关心和存在问题的探讨

Waste Ship Recycling &Breaking Innovation回收拆解创新

Key steps, Planning &Correct measures for decommissioning of vessels拆解船舶的关键技术,计划和正确方法

Updates on European Recycling欧洲船舶回收的现状

Development around theinternational Ship recycling legislation围绕国际船舶回收立法的发展

EPR & Ship Recycling 企业生产者责任演讲和废旧船舶回收

Vessel’s green Life Cycleof Product 船舶的绿色生命周期

Ship Yards recycling &management in India印度废旧的回收管理案例分享

Galloo company’s ship recycling &management    Galloo 公司的报废船的回收和管理案例分享

Leading Chinese shiprecycling & breaking experience sharing  中国有资质的拆船厂的案例分享

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